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Frequent travellers to The Big Apple, New York, would have heard of The Halal Guys—a halal fast casual chain restaurant that started off as a pushcart along the streets of Manhattan. If you have been missing the hearty rice bowls from The Halal Guys or have been dying to try their highly-raved about Beef Gryo Platter, let Overrice be your answer.

Taking inspiration from The Halal Guys, Overrice is Singapore’s very first Muslim-owned eatery located at Arab Street serving a variety of halal Mediterranean-influenced rice bowls.

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For a localised The Halal Guys experience, the Signature Bowls are a must-try. Each all-in-one bowl offers a choice of slow-cooked Pulled Beef (S$10.90), oven-grilled Chicken (S$9.90), vegetarian Falafel (S$9.90) or a Combo (S$13.90) to go with a serving of yellow basmati rice, fresh pita, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes.

Not forgetting the highlight of the entire Overrice experience—the two sauces that accompany your meal. Drench your Signature Bowls with both the creamy white sauce and fiery hot red sauce for an unforgettable feast that will transport you to the streets of New York and back.

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Watching your diet for the new year? Then opt for their Pita Pockets. Here, your choice of Chicken (S$6.90), Pulled Beef (S$7.90) or Falafel (S$6.90) will be served with shredded lettuce stuffed in toasted pita pockets. Every bite is a burst of rich Mediterranean flavour that is sure to delight at any time of day.

As icing on the cake, Overrice has also worked with a handful of local dessert connoisseurs to curate a range of sweet treats. Chocolate lovers will appreciate their Brooklyn Brownie (S$7.90), a moist, fudgy chocolate sponge cake served with peanut butter jelly ice cream. Elsewhere, they also whip up a mean Broadway Banana Pudding (pint: S$12.50, cup: S$6.80) that is filled with the rich and creamy flavours of our favourite fruit—bananas.

If you are craving a wholesome and satisfying treat good for the body and better for the soul, forgo your regular salad bowls and give Overrice a try. I, for sure, will be heading over this weekend for a Pulled Beef Signature Bowl since I’m already salivating from typing this article!

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