Welcome to Overrice! Come on over for your fix of Mediterranean rice bowls! We’re all set to host parties (of 2!) at our Arab Street restaurant. Alongside our signature rice bowls are all our popular sides (remember those Yawn Balls?) and desserts. Cheesecake shooters anyone?

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Our Story

Founded by four gentlemen with a passion for travelling and a penchant for discovering different cuisines from all around the world. In their pursuit, one dish that stood out was a certain mediterranean influenced bowl sold from food pushcarts at the corners of Manhattan, New York

The first in Singapore, our meals are filling, delicious and definitely packs a punch! Distinctly tailored to suit the local Singaporean taste buds​

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About Overrice

Overrice offers freshly prepared all-in-one bowls with a choice of slow cooked pulled beef, grilled chicken or a plant-based option, fried falafel balls. It is served over seasoned basmati rice, with freshly baked pita bread and mixed salad tucked neatly on the side.

Aside from the expertly prepared versions of Mediterranean rice bowls, Overrice’s expanded menu includes pita pockets (a lighter version of the same variety) and fancy New York inspired mocktails. Also, in the spirit of the “support local” movement, Overrice has partnered with up and coming talented dessert chefs.

The highlight of the whole Overrice experience are the two sauces that accompany each meal — the elusive yet addictive white sauce, and a fiery hot chilli sauce blend. Though the actual recipes remain secret, we’ve got them committed to memory and down to a science — freshly prepared by hand and bottled daily with no preservatives added.

Every detail has been thought out — our to-go food packaging is made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, (a by-product of the sugar refining industry that remains after the juice has been extracted) a resource that would otherwise be discarded and burned. As an added bonus, our bowls are microwave-safe, making reheating convenient.

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