Welcome to Overrice! Come on over for your fix of Mediterranean rice bowls! We’re all set to host parties (of 2!) at our Arab Street restaurant. Alongside our signature rice bowls are all our popular sides (remember those Yawn Balls?) and desserts. Cheesecake shooters anyone?


Fresh. Artisanal. Handcrafted.
Dig into our NYC-inspired Banana Puddings for an unforgettable dessert experience. Our promise is to bring you premium quality desserts that are unique.


We all know that desserts are great but why are they great to you? Empirical was created with the idea of letting you create your own narrative and experience with our products. Each flavour encompasses a journey that is unique to you so come embark on an adventure with us.


A brownie a day keeps the frownies away
we couldn't agree more!! 😉💯


Bringing you the best from Kampong Glam, here’s introducing to you our first collaboration for the year - Overrice x Broti 🙌🏼. Order in your favourite Overrice’s all in-one-bowls accompanied with Broti’s signature milk teas for a limited period only


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Together, we can go further.

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