If you’ve been to New York, you would have heard of the famous food cart, Halal Guys.

Halal Guys is known for its platter which consists of rice, portion of meat, some pita and its popular red and white sauce.

Photo from @thehalalguys on Instagram.

While you can’t travel to New York to get your hands on these for now, there is a similar concept right here in Singapore.

Singapore’s version of Halal Guys

Influenced by New York’s Halal Guys, a group of Singaporeans decided to open Overrice.

Overrice is a Muslim-owned eatery in Singapore that is known for its signature bowls.

Photo from Overrice’s Instagram page.

For the uninitiated, the signature bowls contain yellow basmati rice, fresh pita, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, secret white sauce and fiery red sauce as well as a choice of meat.

Pulled beef (S$10.90)

Photo from Overrice’s Instagram page.

Chicken (S$9.90)

Photo from Overrice’s Instagram page.

Falafel (S$9.90)

Photo from Overrice’s Instagram page.

You can also have a combo signature bowl for S$13.90.

If that’s too much carbs to your liking, Overrice also offers pita pockets which includes shredded lettuce and a choice of protein stuffed in toasted pita bread:

  • Chicken (S$6.90)
  • Pulled beef (S$7.90)
  • Falafel (S$6.90)

Officially launching on Oct. 30

While the establishment started off as a home-based business, Overrice has opened a physical shop to accommodate the surge in demand since they first started.

Overrice had its soft launch at its new home on Oct. 28 and will officially open to public from Oct. 30, 2020.

With a bigger space, Overrice has also expanded its menu to include sides like buffalo wings and beef fries which cost S$7 for one side and S$12 for two sides.

They also have desserts with prices starting from S$3.50 and mocktails at S$7.

You can check Overrice’s extensive menu here.


48 Arab Street Singapore 199745

11:30am to 9:30pm, daily

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