For this episode, we’re finally back outdoors at Overrice, a Middle Eastern-style eatery located in Hotel Boss. They prepared a massive yet beautifully arranged version of their regular serving on my giant plate, comprising of a bed of rice, all three of their mains, some sliced vegetables, pita bread and two delicately dotted/squeezed sauces.

Inspired by Halal Guys in the States, Overrice was created by four friends with a mutual passion for good food who wanted to emulate it here in Singapore, but with a local twist. Even after much prodding, the owners refused to give up most of what was used in their dishes, showing a true commitment to their craft. Their spiced yellow rice is made with the more premium basmati rice and coloured with turmeric, giving it a pleasing aroma and look. Their chicken is marinated for over 10 hours and with 8 different spices, resulting in an exceedingly tender and moist chicken which was packed with flavour. For the pulled beef, it was equally as tender and flavourful as the chicken, but also had a spicy kick to it that would be sure to please spice-loving Singaporeans. The falafel came as expected, small, crispy balls of spiced chickpea that had a mild but pleasant taste, perfect for vegetarians. They also gave some chopped up lettuce and tomatoes, and fluffy triangles of pita bread that rounded off the meal perfectly.

The real stars of the show were the sauces. The white sauce was heavily addictive and complemented, if not elevated, each dish perfectly. It is made with yoghurt, sour cream, garlic, cumin, lemon and other unidentified spices from what I could gather. Even for the challenge, I found myself drowning the platter in the sauce. The red sauce was of course, too spicy for my taste, but for those who love some heat, it would be a dream come true. It is made with harissa, among other chillies, and when paired with the cooling white sauce, it became a true flavour explosion.

The right way to eat this would be to mix it all up together, something reminescent of eating a Nasi Lemak. Their usual offerings would be a smaller version of what I had, but with your choice of one main (Priced from $7.90 to $8.90). I thoroughly enjoyed this place and would encourage all my viewers to give it a shot, as the food is good, the owners are exceptionally friendly and they offer delivery.

Please visit/order from Overrice at:

Epic Haus, Hotel Boss
500 Jalan Sultan
Singapore, S199020

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